Quality Policy

The main goal of our quality management system must be to satisfy domestic and foreign consumers.

By receiving ISO 9001:2008 certification, Western Steel Agency has proven its dedication to giving its esteemed clients top-notch quality and top-notch service. This fulfillment results from our continued efforts to adopt a strategic positioning. Regarding outsourcing, WSA, or Western Steel Agency, is a pioneer. The cornerstone of our quality management system is our commitment to ongoing product quality improvement.

Our first priority is ensuring the happiness of our customers, and they are confident in our ability to continually fulfill their needs or go above and beyond their project requirements. We have developed the best-operating processes available, focusing on client satisfaction and ongoing improvement. At WSA, we place a premium on the excellence of our goods and services.

We Have Quality Goals

  • This policy has explained high-quality products and services to employees, professionals, clients, and other pertinent interested parties as necessary.
  • Establish quality goals with quantifiable benchmarks to guarantee ongoing progress.
  • We are maintaining high standards while sharpening the focus on the consumer.
  • Have monthly management review meetings to ensure that our quality management system is effectively assessed and controlled.
  • To ensure that customers are satisfied to the highest degree, monitor the products and services offered.
  • To achieve product and service compatibility, implement and conduct audits.